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Facial Reflexology

Harmony Reflexology & Wellness offer facial reflexology treatments that help individuals achieve an enhanced feeling of well-being, relaxation and a glowing complexion.

Facial reflexology involves the application of pressure and massage to specific points on the face. In traditional Chinese medicine, the face is a microsystem of our internal organs, which can be treated by using facial mapping that tap into meridian points on the face.

The close proximity of the face to the brain ensures that stimulus to your face has a short route to re-balance any health issues. Each facial reflexology session will work over the entire surface of the face and treatment concludes with a face massage to complete the experience.

Facial reflexology helps individuals improve their overall health by releasing the build-up of muscle tension in your face that accumulates through talking, laughing, chewing and expressing emotion.


Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing and invigorating facial massage. Get in touch with us

Benefits Of Facial Reflexology

Better Sleep

Clearer sinuses

Ease digestion problems

Ease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS

Elevated mood

Headache relief

Healthier skin

Increased energy

Relieve muscle tension

Treat hormonal issues

Treat menopausal issues

  • I am looking for a reflexologist near me. Where are you based?
    Harmony Reflexology & Wellness is located Mountbellew, Co. Galway and work with individuals from Roscommon, Mayo and parts of Westmeath including Athlone. Get in touch with us to arrange an appointment.
  • What happens when I go for a menopause reflexology treatment?
    New patients will conduct a full personal consultation with our registered reflexologist at our Galway reflexology clinic. This consultation will enable the treatment to be tailored to your specific needs by taking your present health and lifestyle into consideration. It may be necessary to gain your doctor's permission before treatment can commence.
  • How many reflexology sessions would you recommend to an individual?
    A course of six reflexology treatments are usually recommended to obtain the optimum benefits from your reflexology treatment. Get in touch with us to arrange your initial consultation.
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