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FERTILITY JOURNEY REFLEXOLOGY Wonderful holistic therapy, that takes the individual's mind, body and spirit into account from taken a thorough consultation to putting into place a treatment plan. Reflexology is a fantastic therapy to help get your body's systems in tune and at it's most optimum before and during the Fertility journey, whether natural or assisted.


As a reflexologist we treat the symptoms and also endeavour to treat the cause while also aiming to restore balance and harmony to the whole body. It is very important for the therapist to have a good understanding of what the client may be facing or already going through in an effort to become pregnant. A reflexologist with knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive and endocrine systems plus insight into the various treatments offered by western medicine will give the client great support before or as they progress through treatments.


A complimentary therapy, such as Reflexology may be recommended by some fertility clinics. If you have LAYA, VHI and BUBA healthcare packages, you may entitled to a refund towards some of the reflexology sessions.

Harmony Reflexology & Wellness is also delighted to be able to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine pressure points through my Reflexology Treatments. Wisdom and Knowledge learned through Traditional Chinese Medicine is amazing and Reflexology is a fantastic complimentary treatment to both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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