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My name is Maria Noone and I would like to share my journey towards Harmony Reflexology & Wellness with you.


I am a mum to three daughters, living in Mountbellew, Co Galway. Life can be busy. Approximately four years ago, I had been experiencing heartburn and I had put it down to digestive problems and was not overly concerned about it. My heartburn persisted and I eventually booked an appointment at my local GP practice on a regular Tuesday evening. My GP noticed that indeed there was something out of the ordinary and referred me straight away to hospital.

Following a number of scans and tests, it was discovered that I had a tumour (abnormal cells that form lumps or growth) on my right ovary. I had noticed that I had gained weight but other than that nothing unusual except for heartburn. Following a hysterectomy, I was catapulted straight into early menopause. Recovery from the hysterectomy was a tough journey. Throw in night sweats, anxiety, hot flushes, and a rollercoaster of emotions – all symptoms of menopause.


This time was my reset button. With small changes, I put myself first and focused on my health. The phrase, "you cannot give from an empty vessel’ is so true.


This journey has led me to the wonderful world of reflexology which has given me my balance, my core and zest for life again. Reflexology helps the body kick-start the healing process in the body.


I have now trained as a reflexologist through ITEC at Georgina Price College, Tuam Road, Galway this year. I have now set up my own business -.Harmony Reflexology & Wellness.


Looking for a reflexologist in Galway? Call Harmony Reflexology & Wellness today

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