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We offer reflexology for stress and anxiety to children of all ages. Call us today

Reflexology For Babies & Teenagers

Reflexology For Babies

Reflexology can be introduced to your child at any age in order to enjoy the many benefits of reflexology for babies. Babies and children can benefit hugely from reflexology and bring relief to a wide range of childhood ailments such as:




Autism or Aspergers Syndrome

Behavioural problems


Congested nose


Growing Pains

Inability to concentrate

Interrupted sleep patterns


Teething pains

Harmony Reflexology & Wellness  have found that babies typically respond far quicker to reflexology treatments than adults as their energy flows can unblocked more easily, restoring the natural balance of their body.

Reflexology can be excellent treatment to help improve sleep, colic, digestive discomfort in babies.


Are you worried about your teenager? Arrange an anxiety reflexology treatment today

Reflexology For Teenagers

The physical and mental changes a teenager experiences can place their emotional, physical and mental health under constant stress.


Whether it be fluctuating hormones, social media or school interactions, maintaining a healthy body and mind can be a struggle without the right tools in place.


Harmony Reflexology offer a dedicated reflexology for teenagers treatment that can help aid sleeping patterns,

reduce anxiety and stress, improve concentration, as well as rebalancing bodily systems.

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